Rocca Senghi Italien Via Ferrata

Last week I went to Turin (via train...of course!) to give a talk about OpenEnergyMonitor and run an energy monitor build workshop at the GreenTo sustainable universities event at University of Turin.  The event was interesting, although being able to speak more Italian would have been useful! We were well looked after by the organiser of the event, visiting a city and staying with local people is so much more fun!  

I managed to persuade Ryan to come with me to help out, promising tasty Italian food/wine and a day out in the alps...The promise did not disappoint! 

Rocca Senghi Via Ferrata

Crossing the alps on the TGV, lots of fresh snow on the tracks in Modane,

Impressive University of Turin campus building

Night time Turin city scenes

Tour of the Turin FabLab, really cool robotic arm from they Fiat factory repurposed  for massive 3D printing!

Impressive University of Turin campus building
With Turin located so close to the alps it would be rude to go and play. A couple of hours drive from Turin get's you into the middle of the Italian alps on the border with France. Before the trip I spent 15min on Google searching out some possible Vai Ferrata options. One that caught my eye was Rocca Senghi Via Ferrata. It looked like it was south facing aspect and not too high so should be doable in winter conditions. Rocca Sengi is a pretty awesome looking massive (200m) boulder that tops out at 2000m. It's located in a valley SW of Monte Viso, the highest mountain in the Cottian Alps region. Good Maps link to the via Ferrata location

Driving to the a Fiat 500, so Italien!
Very excited to see so much snow and sunshine :-) 

Rocca Senghi Via Ferrata topo

Not got a map, no problem! 

The via Ferrata was steep but well equipped 


Best descent ever: an old world war 2 tunnel down through the mountain!

Amazing icicles in the tunnels 

Back in city, relieved to finally managed to fill the car up with fuel, seems Italien fuel stations don't take credit cards. Had to send Ryan off on a mission to split some notes...with the positive byproduct of a bunch of bananas! 

Mmm Italian Pizza :-) 

Learning how to cork a bottle of wine!