Berdorf, Luxembourg

After a recommendation from a friend, we discovered a great little climbing area in Luxembourg called Berdorf. The climbing area is perfectly positioned to break up the drive to the alps. It's possible to reach Berdorf in a 4hr drive from Calais.

The climbing is in a forest on soft well-bolted sandstone. The climbing area is quite small, just one line of crags so probably a few days climbing here would be enough. However, I really enjoyed the couple of half days we spent climbing here, once on the drive out and one on the return journey.

Useful Info

Nice van spot


Clima Ovest 7c+

Voleur de Spits 7a+

Easy flip-flop 5min walk-in 

After climbing in Luxembourg a 4hr drive got us to Gravelines near Calais ready for a tunnel crossing. Enjoying final morning in the van after a month of van living :-)