Alpine Van Tour...Fontainebleau

Next stop on the alpine van tour was Fontainebleau. We decided to stop off in Fontainebleau partly to break up the drive home and partly because I have heard so much about it but never been.

I was blown away; Fontainebleau is such an amazing place: Pristine sandstone boulders everywhere with nice sandy landings. The forest is also a very beautiful and peaceful place, it would be a great place for a family holiday.

Forest wildlife 1

Forest wildlife 2

Forest wildlife 3

I didn’t have a bouldering pad or a guide book, so I was basically just running round climbing random problems. Probably nothing too hard, but it was great fun. I can see why the place is so popular.

Me on unknown problem 

Boulders everywhere! Trystan on unknown problem 

Me on unknown problem