Nissan e-NV200 Vs. Peugeot Partner Electric Van Comparison

For the last two years, we've been a fully electric vehicle household driving over 40,000 miles around WalesScotland, Paris and the French Alps without burning any petrol or diesel, saving us a substantial amount of money and reducing emissions. We charge our vehicles overnight from a green energy electricity tariff and I often charge at work directly from solar PV.

As you can tell, I'm totally sold on the benefits and practicality of EVs, even living in rural Snowdonia range and public charging has not been an issue. I discuss these issues in depth in my Zero Carbon Future post.

We've been driving a 2014 24kWh Nissan LEAF and more recently a 2015 24kWh Nissan e-NV200 both of which we bought 2nd hand. We recently converted the e-NV200 to a campervan, it's been a super fun project. We've got some exciting EV campervan trips planned soon!

Since we got our first EV, 8 of our friends who live within a 10-mile radius in Snowdonia have also made the transition. I'm happy to say that recently my dad has decided to swap his 14yr old diesel pickup for an electric van! He decided to go with a Peugeot Partner Electric van since it has 3 seats in the front. With the help of Jonathan from we managed to purchase a 2015 Peugeot Partner Electric in an auction. I picked up the van a few days ago.

While I temporarily have two electric vans in my possession I thought it would be a good opportunity to conduct a range test and a brief comparison between the two vans. They both have the same size battery pack although Nissan quotes the total battery size (24kWh) while Peaugot quotes the usable capacity (22kWh), in reality, they both have a usable capacity of 22kWh. Here's the short video I made, I couldn't resist putting in some climbing clips, it was a stunning day in N.Wales :-)

In summary, the e-NV200 used 5% less energy to travel the same distance, however, in my opinion, this is close enough to call it even. They're both great vans, however, my preference unless 3 seats are a priority is for the Nissan e-NV200.

Nissan e-NV200 Vs. Peugeot Partner

Llyn Peninsula looking stunning in late autumn light

The crag in the video is a newly developed sport climbing quarry on the Llyn Peninsula called Tyddyn Hywel