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Bob Graham Round Support Running

Last weekend I had the honour of support running a couple of legs of the Bob Graham Round for David Fountain. The Bob Graham Round is an epic 106km fell run with 8200m of ascent over 42 mountains in the Lake District! The challenge is to complete the round within 24hrs.

Amy and I accompanied David running the last two legs with him, helping to carry food and water and bring fresh morale to tired legs. Luckily (for us!) by this stage the pace was slow enough for us to keep up! Even so, I think this is the longest and furthest I've ever run; the last two legs totalled 33km with 2200m of ascent which we completed in 7hrs 37mins.

David successfully completed the Round in 23hrs and 24min, which is amazing considering how bad the weather was for the first half! David started running at 4pm on Saturday night after postponing by 22hrs due to horrendous weather, though when he set off the weather was not much better. That night Amy and I got thoroughly soaked walking 500m back to the van f…

Finding Synthetic Life in Gideon Quarry

Last week Sophie, Maddie and I went on an after work mission to explore the depths of Gideon Quarry. We climbed the route Synthetic Life 7a+ which was truly awesome! Bolted in 2006 by Pete Harrison it's strange that the route has not seen much traffic.

Even though the route is in a slate quarry the climbing itself is all on steep dolerite, the climbing is very similar to Tremadog! Lots of technical bridging.

An adventurous approach (free hanging abb) and some spaced bolts make the route feel in places like an E5 rather than 7a+! There was as bit pf dirt in places but not too bad given the lack of traffic; it's possible to put the draws in and clean the holds on abb. Long extenders are essential on the lower bolts.

I was fist up the route then hung around on a rope to get some photos of Soph, given our late start, by the time Soph and Maddie had climbed the route (in fine style, good effort!) it was totally pitch black when I seconded the pitch to extract myself from the depts …