The Screen

Iv been suffering from a winter cold for the last couple of days, possibly going to the pub might have been the cause! Yesterday I had to let my partner down and sleep for most of the day, rubbish! Today I was determined not to miss out on the good winter conditions. Even though was not feeling fighting fit I headed up to Idwal with Andy Barker for some ice fun with minimal walking.

Cwm Idwal is looking fantastic, most of the ice routes are in condition. The crouds were not so fantastic; I couldn't believe the number of people out ice climbing mid-week! 

After a relaxed start (I was still pretty ill!) we got in queue for The Screen IV 4. Two pretty cool but short pitches of solid but slightly brittle ice. The route was significantly easier since so many people had previously climbed it, hacking out ledges. 

Andy on the 2nd pitch of The Screen

After the route we climbed a few short icy steps up into the dark cleft of the Devils Kitchen. A very atmospheric place. The ice at the back of the kitchen looked like it was nearly in condition (for the bold).
In The Devils Kitchen

I have since seen on my facebook feed that is has been climbed a few days ago! Definitely a very inspiring route. 

Also today my dad went for a walk over the Glyders, here is a rather fine photo that he took: 

Decending the Glydrau