The Big Snow

North Wales like most of the country has recently has a large dump of snow. I spent four days over the weekend snowed in at a very alpine looking PYB in Capel Curig. Probably one of the best places to be snowed in; plenty of food, a bar and a ski slope!

The winter scene outside PYB on Saturday morning

Lucky walkers about to head out into winter wonderland

Saturday was spent shovelling snow to clear the track down the car park and extract my van! Good training for Scotland. 
Van extraction success..check out my new pop-top roof!
When I finally decided the roads were good enough to drive home, this was what the road down to Nant Gwynant looked like:

The road home

After a sketchy journey home I decided to try and fit some snow chains we have had laying about. They just about fitted onto Amy's lovely little red car.

Snow chains in action
Having not driven with chains before I am very impressed. Good traction even on icy snow! I'm playing to safe, I haven't ventured over 20mph.