848 miles in a 11.5 year old Tesla Roadster: EV batteries can last a long time!

On 18th September 2021 I was involved in a mission to drive a 11.5-year-old 2010 Tesla Roadster with the original battery pack 848 miles across the entire lengths of the UK from Lands End to John O'Groats to prove that EV batteries can last a long time. The car managed the trip easily and did it in 21.5 hrs which is far faster than this car originally did the same trip back in 2011!

This particular Tesla Roadster is rather special to me, since it was the first EV I ever saw. Back in 2013 I attended a National Trust Hydro and ZeroCarbonWorld EV charge point launch event in Snowdonia, North Wales. I remember being blown away when Kevin told me the car had a range of about 200 miles! This experience sowed the seed from my enthusiasm in electric vehicles.

In 2011 Kevin Sharpe and David Peilow drove this same Roadster from John O’Groats to Lands End, this was the first ever electric vehicle to ever make this trip which took them 36 hours:

This car is now owned by my friend Dean a trustee of ZeroCarbonWorld.org charity that Kevin founded. I was honoured when Dean asked me if I wanted to help him repeat this cross-country trip 10 years since the original trip. The car is now 11.5 years old still with its original battery pack, the only modifications made to the car is the addition of a Chademo charging kit to allow the roadster to charge from 50kW DC. Big thanks to Neil Wise for fitting the Chademo kit at short notice. 

Dean and myself enjoying a pre drive surf in Cornwall!

Testing the newly fitted Chademo charging kit

The aim of the trip was to prove that EV batteries can last a long time and raise money for ZeroCarbonWorld charity that donate EV charging stations.

Trip Video

Trip Breakdown:

  • 6:35am Lands End start
  • 8:53am, Exter services
  • 10:45am, Mollie's Diner (Bristol)
  • 12:40pm, Frankley Moto (Birmingham)
  • 2:35pm, Lymm services
  • 4:14pm, Moto Burton in Kendal
  • 5:26pm, Moto Southwaite Northbound, Carlisle
  • 6:34pm, Welcome Break Abington
  • 8:40pm, Broxden Park & Ride Perth
  • 11:45pm, Kingussie
  • 1:17am, Skiach Services Dingwall
  • 4am John O'Groats finish

Trip Stats:

  • 2011: 36hrs
  • 2021: 21.5hrs
  • Energy used: 190kWh
  • Economy: 230wh/mile
  • Distance: 848 miles