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Venice & Dolomiti Super Ski

One of the best things about train travel is that it’s super easy to stop-off in exciting places on the journey. Recently I traveled to Sicily via train, on the way home we stopped off for a day visiting Venice then onto the Dolomites for a few days.

I was actually very impressed with Venice, it was a breath of fresh air (literally!) being in a city without any cars or motorbikes. All the streets are very pretty and fully pedestrian with most people walking everywhere and occasionally taking water bus boats. In the evenings the whole city goes quiet and tranquil. All the hundreds of canals and waterways crisscrossing the city and maze of narrow streets make for a wonderful immersive ambience.

After Venice we hopped back on the train for a few hours to head into the Dolomites. We visited our friends Ryan and Rob who were renting a chalet for a month, remote working and skiing as much as possible. After quickly adjusting to the dramatic change in temperature (+21 degC to -22 degC!), it…

Sicily - Escaping the rain

After a soggy run and a festive dip in Llyn Padarn on Christmas morning we started driving (no trains on Christmas day!) to London in preparation to catch an early train on Boxing Day, our destination the southern Italian island of Sicily. Our exit from the apocoliptic rain was just in the nick of time, hours after we drove along the A55 N.Wales coast expressway the road was closed due to being submerged by floods in places!

December 2015 was the wettest month since records began in North Wales, a sploshing 1000mm fell from the skies, almost double the previous record! An extraordinarily wet and warm month or the effects of climate change? Who knows? Pondering this thought as I boarded the Eurostar I took solace that we had chosen the lowest carbon form of transport* to our destination to luxuriate in the simple pleasure of warm sun and dry rock.

The train journey is Sicily is rather exciting, it’s possible to ride the train directly from mainland Italy to Sicily, that’s right THE TRA…