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Critically unstable buttress above Comes the Dervish area in Vivian Quarry

This afternoon I popped out to go checkout some routes in Vivian Quarry. Walking to the top of the buttress that overlooks Comes the Dervish at the top of the Manic Strain wall I noticed a pretty severe fault line that had opened up on the ground that was not there on previous years.  Given the recent rock fall in the area I don't think it will be long before the whole buttress to the left of Menapausal Discharge falls down. This buttress is the wall you walk underneath to access Comes the Dervish area. 
I would recommend staying clear of any routes to the left of Menapausal Discharge (e.g Nostromo) and not loitering below the buttress when accessing Comes the Dervish

Nov 2013 Rock Fall:
Nov 2015 Rock Fall

Hottest November day on record...and we went bouldering!

Wales has been THE place to be this weekend and the beginning of this week, with the hottest November temperature on record a whooping 22.4 deg C being recording in mid-wales. We basked in gorgeous sunshine while the rest of the UK was blanketed in fog grounding aeroplanes. While other people's jetset holidays were being disrupted (they should have taken the train..), we went out to play in the sun. I have to admit, while being very much welcome, the hot temperatures caught me off guard. I planned a winters day out bouldering on a day that we could easily have been tops-off in the pass! Anyways a great couple of top-off-for-power bouldering days were had. Autumn must be the prettiest season, the colours of the leaves on the trees this year are spectacular.

On Sunday we headed out to explore the bouldering around Bleunu Ffestiniog, somewhere I had not been before. There are some good free topos to be found on the excellent Hongian (hanging in Welsh) website. There were some great …