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Part 3/3: China - Rock Climbing & Mid Autumn Day Festival

Part 3/3: China - Rock Climbing & Mid Autumn Day Festival

After a few days in the big city of Shenzhen my friend Toby drove Amy and I 6hrs north west to the most famous climbing area in China: Yangshuo. I had first head of Yangshuo when some friends visited a few years ago, I remember being shown some photos of amazing limestone arches and towers and thinking: wow, that looks like an unique place to climb. It just so happens that Toby grew up on a farm in a small town close to Yangshuo, like many people in China he moved to the rapidly expanding cities to find better paid work.

Yangshuo Rock Climbing

Yangshuo is a very picturesque place, it’s unique landscape of limestone towers has even made its way onto the front every 20 RMB Chinese bank note currency. As a result Yangshuo has become a growing tourist hotspot. I had been looking forward very much to travelling to Yangshuo to leave the big cities behind, experience the countryside and of course do lots of rock climbing!