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El-Chorro NYE, Spain via train

Over New Year this year Amy and I travelled out to El-Chorro in southern Spain for a couple of weeks of sunny tufa filled limestone sport climbing.

Again, we travelled there and back via train: Bangor > London > Paris > Latour du Carol (sleeper) > Barcelona > Malaga > El Chorro. Even though it's a long way, El-Chorro is a great destination for train travel since it's possible to get a train right into the village, with the Olive Branch accommodation where we stayed only a short walk away. Once there all the crags are accessible by foot. The journey took a day and a half, but on the way back we gave ourselves the luxury of a night's stay in a Barcelona Airbnb. The journey cost £150 each way.

We stayed at the friendly Olive Branch and met up with our friends Will Oates and Becky Brown who are travelling about in their van. I've been to El-Chorro four or fives times before, I always enjoy going back.

Beyond enjoying the warm sunshine, good company, nice…