Dinorwic High-line

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be part of a good group of mates who set-up a high-line in the slate quarries. The line was set-up across the hole next to Serengeti, it's a great location for a high-line. The ground drops away quite sharply making it safe to start the line standing.

Apart from a quick play on the epic Tryfan high-line (which was wayy to hard for me!) this was my first real high-lining experience. I've done a fair bit of slacklining over the years to casually pass time and hangout with mates while on climbing trips, but high-lining (literally) takes slacklining to another level! The challenge is quite psychological although there are a lot of subtle techniques to learn: such as how to get back up onto the line after taking a fall onto the leash which leaves you hanging in space well out of arm's reach of the line! Needless to say I can feel the pain today from doing this strenuous maneuver repeatedly yesterday. 

Dougie on the line 

Bertie walking the whole line first go, epic!

Mr BOB Hat crocheting hats on the line with a broken heel! 

It was great to catchup with Will Oates; after falling off the top of Jerry's Roof and breaking a bone in his heel when a hold broke he's been busy setting up http://bobhats.com passing the time making quality hats. Not to be left out Will rather impressively scooted out to the middle of the line for some 'extreme crocheting' Who said knitting is for wimps!

Stepping out into space with BOB Hat-for-balance!
I was pretty happy with the progress I made, after a few falls I managed to stay up for what felt like a fair while and take about five steps or so. Still a long way to go but overcoming the 'fear' and actually starting to slackline like I do on the ground felt like good progress.

Bertie was star of the show, after setting up the line he proceeded to walk the whole thing pretty much first time, then do it again a few hours later. Very impressive.