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Dinorwic High-line

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be part of a good group of mates who set-up a high-line in the slate quarries. The line was set-up across the hole next to Serengeti, it's a great location for a high-line. The ground drops away quite sharply making it safe to start the line standing.
Apart from a quick play on the epic Tryfan high-line (which was wayy to hard for me!) this was my first real high-lining experience. I've done a fair bit of slacklining over the years to casually pass time and hangout with mates while on climbing trips, but high-lining (literally) takes slacklining to another level! The challenge is quite psychological although there are a lot of subtle techniques to learn: such as how to get back up onto the line after taking a fall onto the leash which leaves you hanging in space well out of arm's reach of the line! Needless to say I can feel the pain today from doing this strenuous maneuver repeatedly yesterday. 

It was great to catchup with Will Oates; aft…

Spring is in the air!

The silver lining to the rather wet winter we've had in the UK this year is that it really makes you appreciate some nice weather days when they come. Today was one of those days, today made me feel excited for the summer and super motivated to train, climb and get outside as much as possible.

Thanks to BOB hats for my awesome new bobble hat, if you would like a quality hat made by a couple of the nicest people I've ever met checkout Bob hats was setup after Will broke his heel after he broke a hold topping out on Jerrys roof, he's looking forward to it mending and heading off in his van around Europe for 12 months or so this summer. To help fund the trip and kill the time while his heel mends he's been making hats!

After breakfast the day seemed so sunny I couldn't make myself head straight into work, instead I went for a little fell run up Elidir Fawr.

Here's a photosphere panorama I took on my phone, you should be able to scroll around i…