My 2013 in Photos

So another year in nearly over (should really get round to posting my draft quicker!), lots of exciting things have happened this year. I've just been looking through some photos over Christmas and have tried to pick one photo per month, it's been difficult!

Being an engineer and energy monitoring nerd I love statistics:

  • In 2013 my UKC logbook tells me that I've done 158 routes, this is 60 less than 2012, but five were 8a or quality not quantity this year!
  • In 2013 Strava tells me that I 
    • Cycled: 1100Km over 72 rides with my longest ride being 91Km 
    • Ran: 336Km over 63 runs 

Right, here we go; here's my top pick photo from each month:


Cold in N.Wales but not that much snow, managed a day out mixed climbing doing the route Torquing Shit and Clogwyn Central in Cwm Cneifion. Also a bit of chilly bouldering in The Pass.

Will Oats jamming in the Pass after bouldering...not the most productive days busking! 


I bought I road bike! And went to Cogne in Italy on an amazing water ice climbing trip, while there I also managed a couple of days skiing, it's great fun: Cogne Blog Post 


I Moved into a house near Llanberis which was very exciting. There was also lots of snow in N.Wales, the Llanberis Pass was shut for almost two weeks! I was pretty busy moving into our house but did manage to get out climbing when a bunch of good friends came over to visit at easter, I did Right Hand Trinity on Snowdon with Amy one day then went bouldering in T-shirts climbing Incredible Shaking Man V7 at Porth Ysgo the next day! Epic conditions in N.Wales Blog Post: Easter 2013 Alps? No, North Wales

Team 'Rainbow' on summit of snowdon after climbing on Clogwyn y Garnedd


Winter conditions kept lingering on, it was amazing to climb the classic Central Icefall Direct at Easter! Also did lots of good road biking around North Wales and accompanied my friend Jade on a sailing boat delivering mission from Liverpool to Pwllheli. Blog post: Central Icefall Direct

Team Central Icefall Direct: John Orr, Luke Brooks and myself...the first 'selfie' of the year?


Outdoor rock climbing season in North Wales started, some great days at LPT and Penmaen Head training for a Sport Climbing trip to south of France. We got the TGV train down from London to Avignon, we had planned to go to Cesuse but it was too cold (still snowy up there!) so we opted for Saynes and Buoux and Venasque. Excellent climbing on warm work and amazing french wine :-D:  Blog post South of France TGV climbing

Luke climbing Rose de Sables 7a in Buoux


Summer warmth is here to stay, Llyn Pardarn warmed up enough to enable morning pre-work swimming, what a treat! Got some good sport climbing days in, ticking Statement of Youth 8a at LPT and a couple of trad climbing ticks in The Pass: Pretty Girls Make Graves E6 and Quantum Jump E5 Blog post Digging Graves and Stating Youth

Amy looking forward to a morning dip in Llyn Padarn


A hot month! Went DWS'ing in Lulworth Coves before a mates stag do then carried on down to France in the van to Gorge du Tarn with Amy, lovely chilled trip with lots of climbing and swimming. Was great to tick the classic and run out route of Les Ailes du Désir (wings of desire) 8a which was 50m long! Epic. Back in North Wales the mountain crags were all dry, very pleased to tick the classic route of The Axe E5 on Cloggy. Lots more pre-work swimming in Llyn Padarn :-)

Blog posts: Gorge du Tarn and Costa Del Llanberis!

Me lowering off a happy boy after climbing Les Ailes du Désir  8a 50m in Gorge du Tarn


N.Wales sport climbing and bouldering bonanza month. Highlights were climbing Release the Hounds one of the best 7c's in N.Wales. Very pleased to tick my first 8a+ Wild Understatement at LPT and flash of non-tidal screamer on The Diamond. Also had some fun evenings bouldering, managed to tick Boneyard V8 on Casseg Fraith in Ogwen. Equally exciting was harvesting our first vegetables harvest from our garden.


Went on a van trip with my dad to Sud Tirol Italy. My dad was keen to see the site where the 5.3K year old Ice Man was found high up in the Tirol Mountains. Nice relaxing trip hanging out with my dad. Really enjoyed sampling alpine road biking managing to cycle up to Messners castle on smooth switchbacks with stunning views! Overload of lots of good photos to choose from this month!
Back home in North Wales I was lucky enough to walk up and watch some friends high line across Tryfan and have a little dabble myself. Also did the Anglesey half marathon

My dad and I on the summit of Simulan 3690m


Tried surfing in Hells Mouth on the Lleyn with Amy, very cold. Don't think I'm cut out for surfing, at least not with an ill fitting wetsuit.

Had a good day out bouldering at Porth Ysgo ticking Mutant Child V8. Managed to do my bit in the quarries retro bolting some projects on slate. Quite busy month moving into a new office at work.

Me on Mutant Child V8 at Porth Ysgo, thanks Ryan Brooks for photo


Busy month at work starting manufacture of new hardware units. Not many days out climbing, but did manage a few quarry hits in stunning Autumn light

Autumn vista, looking at snow capped mountains from Dinorwic Slate


Another busy month at work launching new units in our shop. Managed a couple of days out Bouldering in the Pass and Crafnant (one of my favorite places). Lots of road biking to and from work, bought a good bike light and started really enjoying night riding and the odd fell run in the mountains when the weather allows.

Impromptu day off work due to sunshine..photosphere 'tinyworld' panorama from summit of Carnedd Y Filiast with Amy

Two years of work lead up to this..launching our new Energy Monitor hardware

I know this blog is not about work or technology (and I want to keep it that way), but I can't resist putting in more more image link:

We won! 
As the weather has been wet, wet, wet..and windy in North Wales I'm currently pulling on a substantial amount indoor plastic and looking forward to some exciting trips in the planning. Let's hope 2014 will be just as awesome!