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My 2013 in Photos

So another year in nearly over (should really get round to posting my draft quicker!), lots of exciting things have happened this year. I've just been looking through some photos over Christmas and have tried to pick one photo per month, it's been difficult!

Being an engineer and energy monitoring nerd I love statistics:

In 2013 my UKC logbook tells me that I've done 158 routes, this is 60 less than 2012, but five were 8a or quality not quantity this year!In 2013 Strava tells me that I Cycled: 1100Km over 72 rides with my longest ride being 91Km Ran: 336Km over 63 runs 
Right, here we go; here's my top pick photo from each month:


Cold in N.Wales but not that much snow, managed a day out mixed climbing doing the route Torquing Shit and Clogwyn Central in Cwm Cneifion. Also a bit of chilly bouldering in The Pass.


I bought I road bike! And went to Cogne in Italy on an amazing water ice climbing trip, while there I also managed a couple of days s…