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South France TGV Sport Climbing

I'm currently sat on the upper deck of a TGV train in cusing along at 185 Km/h across France. I'm returning from a couple weeks of climbing in the South of France.
Over the years I've made similar journeys south in search of warm sun or cold mountains via car, van, coach and plane; in my experience train travel is the most relaxing and pleasant means to travel. The train cost £69 (we booked a couple of months in advance) from London to Avignon and took 5hrs 30min, checkout for info.
Our plan was to have a couple of weeks climbing at Ceuse (a crag that needs no introduction!). However the weather was unseasonally cold (for end of May), up at Ceuse at 1800m the temperature was not getting above single figures in day and below freezing at night. When we arrived there was even a fresh dusting of snow, not ideal climbing conditions!
So we went for plan B, which was to check out a number of different crags around Avig…