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I've just returned from a couple of weeks climbing in Siurana in Catalonia in Northern Spain. Siurana is a climbing area that I had heard a lot about and seen many photos, but never visited. I had been put off by stories about Siurana being bitterly cold in during the winter months, so on previous winter sport climbing trips a more southerly option such as El-Chorro has been more appealing.

This year I took the plunge and luckily it wasn't too cold, the air temperature was quite cool, getting down close to zero at night but the warmth of the sun was strong making climbing in the sun actually quite hot!

Being in the north of Spain opens up the transport options to get there, for extended trips driving down in a camper van or car can be an option. Driving long distance with one person in the car emits about the same amount of carbon as flying but two or more people in the car results in a significant carbon saving over flying.

It is also possible to get thetrain from London to B…