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I can feel my heart pounding, partly with the physical exertion of 45 minutes of steep up-hill walking and partly with excitement, in a few moments I will be arriving at the base of one of the best crags in the world. After completing the necessities of dropping my heavy sack, stripping down to my boxers and sitting in the shade while my body dries off, attention soon turns to the beautiful panorama of lush alpine foothills and then up at the multi-coloured streaked limestone, curving gently and stretching as far as I can see in both directions. The rock is generally slightly overhanging and is often well adorned with generous pockets. Climbing at Ceuse, really does feel a bit like being a child in a 2Km long 100m high sweet shop!

Chris and I have just returned from a weeks climbing in Ceuse, it was the first time either of us had visited this world class venue. A world class venue obviously attracts many of the world's best climbers; we were often left feeling like beginners! …

Citroen Dispatch - Split-charge relay leisure battery setup

Since I'm interested in electronics/electrics and I like my electronic gadgets when I converted my Citroen Dispatch van into a camper a couple of years ago I made sure I put in a large 12V auxiliary/leisure battery. The actual battery I used was not a normal leisure battery, it was actually borrowed from a friend left over from a wind turbine project, I think it's originally from a UPS system. With 110Ahr capacity it's big enough to power my four large LED light units (Four units of 8 x 3mm LED's in series) for one months continuously, change a phone for 8 days continuously or power a laptop for 36 hrs continuously (assuming a 50% discharge of the leisure battery).  A leisure battery is different from a normal car battery in that it can handle 'deep-cycling', while lead acid car batteries should always be topped-up and never let to run down on a regular basis.
I added a split-charge relay and ran a wire from the engine bay to charge the leisure battery when …