Summer Plans!!

Today has been an epic 10hrs of sorting and packing my life (more than usual) into my converted van, not my most favourite activity but all this pain is for a reason... I'm moving to the alps for the summer! Leaving tomorrow..

As I've mentioned once or twice before on the blog over the past year or so Trystan and I have started running our own business, developing and building both hardware and software open-source tools for energy monitoring. Much of the work we do is computer/Internet based. This trip is a bit of experiment to see if it's possible to combine work and play;  I'm hoping to do some climbing and Trystan's into mountain biking and loves a good adventure. Trystan and I usually have quite a flexible work life balance and are quite good at mobile working, so we don't expect the trip much of a disruption. Actually we're hoping a change of scene will be good thing to drive motivation and new ideas. 

Here is a cool timelapse video Trystan made of a day in our lab, a routine that is set to change this summer: 

First we're attending an energy monitoring conference in Germany than onto Chamonix where we're going to live and work for a month in May. May is a bit of an 'off season' in Chamonix so we have managed to secure a chalet with wifi to work out of, it has a balcony overlooking the valley which gets to evening sun...pimping! 

Mid June Amy, Chris and Jenny are coming out and we're heading to Italy, first the Dolomite's then Arco for a couple of weeks of climbing. Then finally in July Chris and I are fitting in a weeks climbing in Ceuse, often referred to as the 'best crag in the word!', guess I'll find out! 

So if you know me and fancy some climbing and a place to stay in Chamonix in May get in touch, same goes for the rest of the trip

Oh, and also I'm squeezing in a quick trip to Lundy for Amy's birthday this week! Fingers crossed the weather will be as good as last time

Good bye North Wales, you will be missed