2011: A climbing year in photos

This post has been quite a while in the making. As you can probably guess by the title I started compiling it around new year time. I can't believe it's March already, I'd better get it published before I'm doing the same for 2012!

2011 was an amazing year for my climbing. My UKC logbook tells me that I did 199 routes (dam..not quite 200!), but we all know that quality is better than quantity. In terms of grade boundaries broken 2011 will be very hard to beat: my first grade 5/6 winter route (of two), first E5 (of three), and first 8a (of two). Of course it's no all about grades, but it's undoubtedly satisfying to climb at a grade that a few years ago seemed like an impossible goal. 

I love how climbing takes me to some amazing places with good people and gives memories which will last forever. I'm thinking about doing a complimentary blog post with my favourite non-climbing photos from last year, although I'm sure most will be related. 

Right, that's enough reminiscing, now for the photos: 

First route of the year

Didn't actually get up this! Totally brutal experience 

Wild route that's within walking distance of home

First 'summer feeling' day out, lovely

On my birthday! 

First E5 lead

My first (very mini) new route and a great day out

Full-on sea cliff big route experience on a beautiful island

Classic big tick 

Cold fingers mountain bouldering

First 8a! - amazing intricate and power sequence of moves

Big personal aspiration. Gorgeous weather and good company 
Often these posts like this end with something like 'and I wonder what next year will being...', well I can tell you; lots of rain, west coast sea mist and not much winter! At the moment I'm fitting in the odd climbing day and hanging from my fingers at every opportunity in-between working hard to set-up an electronics business

Roll on warm spring sunshine....