Introducing Megni

For over a year I have been working with Trystan Lea on the OpenEnergyMonitor project. This is a project to develop and build open-source energy monitoring, control and analysis tools for energy efficiency and renewable generation. The project has been very successful, many people have built monitors based on our designs from all over the world. The website is now growing into an active online development community.

Now that the project is getting to the point where we almost have a complete open-source end-to-end web-connected energy monitoring system we are excited to be starting Megni a small business to provide kits, fully assembled units and custom energy monitoring systems and displays to businesses and organisations.

Our core aims are to create:

  • Good quality energy monitoring systems.
  • Technology that encourages people to make and learn new skills.
  • Technology that helps us live within ecological limits.
  • Repairable, modifiable technology with a making story

We have been inspired by companies such as howies and Patagonia who combine their love of the outdoors with making clothing and equipment that help people enjoy the outdoors while also striving to produce those things in ways that causes no unnecessary harm. We would love to do something similar for technology.

Web-connected base station unit enjoying late October sunshine near the summit of Crib y Ddysg

The name Megni is made up of the welsh word for energy egni and the M part stands for monitoring or monitro in welsh. We are both welsh speakers and live in the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales.

Printed circuit board for our wireless transmitter unit - designed by us in North Wales and made in the UK, something we are very proud of

We are currently involved in a local community energy project which is keeping us very busy for the next two months.


Glyn Hudson and Trystan Lea