December - Fantastic Welsh Winter!

Before you get too excited, these photos where taken back in December!

As I'm sure you'r aware this winter has been one of the best in recent years. I was lucky enough to be home in North Wales over Christmas the enjoy the great conditions. There are not many places you can spend boxing day winter climbing (Cwm Cneifion) then Christmas day bouldering in a t-shirt (Porth Ysgo)!

Here are a few of the best photos that my self and friends took.

Glyder plateau looking towards Crib Goch and Snowdon

Panorama taken from Crib Goch looking towards Snowdon

Descending crib a Ddysgl after a fantastic winter traverse of Crib Goch

Crib Goch and Snowdon from Glyder plateau

I have my fingers crossed for a return of winter in the coming weeks.
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Trystan Lea said...

Awesome Glyn! Are you coming this way this weekend?

Glyn Hudson said...

I dont think so. I'm gonna evaluate the weather forcast later in the week. Iv got quite a lot of work on but if winter conditions and weather were good I could be tempted!

My dad went out with Jade and Gav the other day. They did the Parson's Nose in pretty full on conditions! Check out the photos:

Trystan Lea said...

Sounds good! well let me know if you are. Those conditions are full on aren't they!