Sheep Rescue

Dan I went climbing in the Lanberis slate quarries today, as we approached the top of Rainbow Walls we saw two sheep stranded on a ledge (above the routes The Mau Mau and German School Girl). They must have jumped down and were unable to climb back up. We did a few warm up routes and the sheep were still there so we initiated a rescue mission!

We climbed up to the level above the sheep, to approach from above. Here we met Luke one of the trainee instructors at Plas Y Brenin. The sheep (actually a ewe and a lamb) had obviously been on the ledge for some time. I can only guess as to what made their woolly brains decide to jump down there, there was obviously no grass in sight!

I managed to get some dis jointed video of the rescue, I kept having to put down the camera to haul sheep ass. A full size ewe is actually pretty heavy!

Luke did a great job at sheep grabbing. Mission complete! If this ever becomes a regular occurrence I have been told that a large net works well.