Craig Yr Tonnau

I visited Craig Yr Tonnau over the weekend on my SPA assessment (which I passed..phew!). I was impressed with the crag. Its not somewhere I probably would have chosen to climb since most of the best the routes are in the VD-HS category. But if these are the grades you'r after then the crag is fantastic. It is also suitable for groups and novices.

The rock is a type of gritstone but more featured than Peak grit. 'Tonnau' means waves in Welsh, after visiting the crag you will understand!

Craig Y Tonnau is located in the forest at the bottom of the Crimea Pass. It is one of the better esoteric crags in the Meiroinydd guide book.

I spent the weekend dosing at Play y Brenin on my SPA assessment. Here are a few photos I took in the glorious morning sunshine.