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Céüse 2017: N.Wales to French alps in an Electric Car!

I'm writing this post on a rest day while on a climbing trip in Céüse in the French alps having driven here from North Wales in our Nissan LEAF electric car (EV) fully loaded with 4 people plus camping and climbing gear. As always climbing and hanging out at Céüse was very pleasurable, it's one of my favourite places.

Here's a little video edit I made of Céüse and the climbing, shot using a DJI Spark mini drone (new toy!):

Driving to Céüse in an Electric Car (EV)  On the news today there has been much talk about EV's as the government has announced a ban on petrol and diesel cars by 2040. This is great news. Although I expect no one will want to drive a petrol car long before then after experiencing an EV. The government announcement today has sparked lots of concern from non EV drivers that it's not possible to travel long distance in an EV. I hope this trip will demonstrate otherwise, albeit with a bit of planning.
We drove a 2nd hand 2014 Nissan LEAF with a 24kW…

Mid Wales Electric Car Video Series

Last year Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig ran a pilot program to install five 7Kw electric car charging points at accommodation and tourist providers in Meirionnydd.

I got involved using our Nissan LEAF electric car and a Renault Twizy rented from the Eco Travel Network in the Brecon Beacons to create three short videos to promote the charging points and outdoor activities in the area, it was great fun!

Even though mid-wales does not currently have many rapid charging facilities (50kW) there are plenty of fast charge locations (7kW) that will charge a car in 3-4hrs. Checkout to view the locations of the charge points.

Here are the videos we made:

Day 1: Getting There..
Day 2: Renault Twizy 

Day 3: Nissan LEAF