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Discovering The Wall Within in The Lost World

The Lost World is probably the furthest quarry hole to approach and most tricky to access in the Dinorwic slate quarries. 7 years ago in 2009 while following the Snakes and Ladders traverse through the quarries I entered the Lost World for the first time, I vividly remember being amazed by the enacted forest within; the floor of the hole was awash with thick green vegetation, a little stone shed and a small pond*. I recall beating my way through the damp jungle to see a futuristic-looking red wall.

When the new (excellent) Ground Up slate guide book was released 4 years ago in 2012 one of the photos that stood out was George Smith contorting his was up The Wall Within 7c+up this futuristic red-wall. On my next visit to the Lost World I scoped out the route, only to be disappointed by the state of bolts. Badly rusted bolts are not so much fun; so this winter I put in the effort to re-bolt the route.

Being at the bottom of a deep hole and covered in red algae the wall requires a dry sp…

The Hidden Baboon

A few years ago I heard tales of a Baboon hidden deep the Beddgelert forest. Yesterday we went in search of the Baboon. The approach involves utilizing mechanical assistance to cover the required distance. After a long and sweaty ascent up through the forest, we arrived at the described location.

We hunted and searched, but all we could find was forest. After a while, we gave up and moved on to checkout some other, areas in the forest.

Later that evening while pondering our Baboon failure I seeked technological assistance; the eye in the sky, Google Earth. With the aerial vantage point came the realization that we had been close, very close but given current conditions gorilla jungle tactics would now need to be employed to reach the Baboon.

24hrs later, armed with the magic numbers (53.009843,-4.146127) we once again made the long approach up through the forest. Only to find the forest was denser than we though, stripping down to the bare essentials (losing the pad) we dropped down t…