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Turkey and Petzl Roc Trip

After climbing in Athens we hopped on another overnight ferry and after a little stop off on Rhodes Island we arrived in Turkey (see my last post for travel details)!

We arrived Geyikbayiri late at night under a full moon, the first thing I noticed was there was rock everywhere! Once at one of the many accommodation options in the valley there is no need for a car, stacks of amazing climbing is a flip-flop'able 5-15min walk away, this made a refreshing change from the daily driving to the crag we did around Athens. 

Crawling out of my tent in the morning the next couple of things I noticed was that there where pomegranate and persimmon fruit trees everywhere and that it was hot! Unfortunately it was way to hot to climb on many of the crags overlooking the campsite, which was a bit of a shame. However luckily there was one crag 10min walk away called Trebenna which gets shade all day and it rather good indeed if a little polished.

The rock in Trebenna is often steep and always amaz…

UK to Turkey via Overland Transport (Train + Ferry) Adventure

As I mentioned in my previous post on Athens climbing Jon and I travelled out to Turkey 'overland' i.e. not flying. I try my best to keep my emissions of carbon to the minimum*. Avoiding flying is not always easy, my desire to travel to see beautiful and exciting places conflicts with not wanting to cause damage to the environment along the way.
Prior to flying to Morocco earlier this year I had not flown for several years, so it was with excitement a slight feeling of guilt when I heard of my prize winning: a place on the Petzl Roc Trip in Turkey, accepting the prize would involve flying for the second time this year.

Travelling overland via train has become a regular exercise for me to get to European climbing destinations. European trains are fast, effective and reasonably priced when booked in advance. In recent years I've travelled to Chamonix, Ceuse and Chuilla in Northern Spain all with relative ease via train. I actually find train travel much more enjoyable and f…

Athens, Great Greek Climbing

I sit back against the crag, comfortable propped up by my rucksack with a tied off grigri in one hand and book in the other while Jon takes a 'rest' jammed into a small cave halfway up the route he's trying. I can't help but feel that during our week visit we've only scratched the surface of Athens climbing potential. It's our last morning of climbing before getting a ferry onwards to Rhodes then finally onto Turkey, Jon is high on the route Aides 8a in the marvellous tufa jungle of Mavrosouvala cave.

I read another paragraph of my book as Jon shouts down from 20m above "I'm giving it five more minutes to wait for the sun to go behind a cloud", he's now been awkwardly squashed in the cave giving his forearms some welcome rest from the imposing steepness of the Mavrosouvala cave for almost 30min! The book I'm reading is called Only Planet by Ed Gillespie is a very apt choice for our trip. The book is a story of Ed's adventures, travell…