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Yet again I find myself sitting on a fast TGV train, whizzing along, northward bound through sunny French countryside, this time on the way back from a couple of weeks climbing in Chulilla.

Chulilla is located an hour's drive east of Valencia in NE Spain.

I had not heard of Chulilla until a few months ago when I was flicking through the pages of a climbing magazine and saw a rather cool looking photo of a climbing area in Spain I had not heard of or visited before. Intrigued I did some searching and found the Climb Chulilla website. The location, topos, routes and grade spread looked like it might make a near perfect location for a spring sport climbing hit.

Its location close to Valencia also made it a 'train-able' location and together with Jon I got the train there and back. On the journey down we took a scenic route through the Pyrenees and gave ourselves enough time during our changes to soak up the atmosphere and grab some food in Paris and Barcelona and explore the…