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Cairngorm Ski Touring

We're currently cruising along a damp and foggy A9 squeezed into Ryans red Audi after a great long weekend ski touring in the Cairngorms.

Sunday was one of the most magic days I've had out in the mountains for a long time. The weather and snow conditions were amazing. After being battered with weeks of rain and high winds at home in North Wales it felt fantastic to get up high with plenty of snow beneath the skis under a blue sky. We drove up on Saturday after making plans in less than 6hrs after weather, snow condition, time off and psyche all came together.

On Sunday we skinned up from the bottom Cairngorm ski car park up to the summit of Cairngorm mountain. It was amazing to see how much snow there was, at one point we skied over the top of a lift cable! After a somewhat tricky descent down from the summit we traversed across the Cairngorm platue and dropped into Lurchers Gully which was amazing, not too steep and with plenty of soft pristine snow. I managed to ski all t…