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Ant'ing about!

While up at El-Makinodromo in El-Chorro we witnessed some impressive feats of strength and stamina by a pair of ants attempting to carry an oat flake from one of our chewy bars up an overhanging wall to their nest. 

So close! Thanks to Luke Brooks for the commentary. 
It's pretty amazing to think that these sorts of battles go on every day in nature mostly un-witnessed!

El-Chorro and Lourdes!

Rain falls heavily outside the window as it has done for the last 12hrs; wet, cold and strangely un-familiar. Last night I arrived home to North Wales after 12 rain free days sport climbing in El-Chorro, Spain.

From the guidebook: 
"The reputation of El Chorro as a destination for sport climbing is mainly built upon the notoriety of the truly awesome section of cliff known as Makinodromo, and in particular the central line up its largest and most severely overhanging wall of tufa - Lourdes. A couple of decades on since its first ascent, Lourdes is still one of the most famous climbs in the World and many come to El Chorro only to try this one route!"
With such a accolade it was understandably the highlight of the trip for Luke and myself to mange to climb Lourdes, at 8a it was at the top-end of out ability. To make it even better we both managed a successful red-point on the same day, and even better earlier that day Barni has successfully sent Trainspotting another classic 8a…