Lundy climbing video

Last night I thew together some video clips taken during the Lundy trip. Here's the result:

I was somewhat limited with the footage I had to work with. Next time I'll try and borrow a proper video camera.

Anyway, let me know what you think!

Lundy Island

Iv just got back from a weeks climbing on Lundy, a small island 3 miles long and 1 mile wide off the coast of Devon. It was a fantastic experience. Getting to the island requires a two hour ferry journey; once on the island there are no cars, no roads, only one shop, one (very good) pub and miles and miles of golden granite coastline.

Arriving the Bahamas? Lundy!

Lundy is packed full of wildlife every day we would see loads of seals, birds, deer, goats, rabbits, caterpillars, ponies, chickens, ducks and my favorite..plenty of sheep! Sometimes all within 100m of each other.

The climbing on Lundy was fantastic it feels quite adventures almost all crags require committing feeling abseils down to small wave washed ledges.  Due to the inaccessibility and spaced nature of the routes we often only got two of three routes done a day! Definitely quality not quantity. After each of us had done a good lead (I was climbing a a three with Bani and Luke) we were often happy to go and chill out in the campsite/pub or watch the sun go down with a bottle of red wine at the top of the old light house.

We did too many routes to mention them all here, if your interested have a look at my ukc logbook.

One of the best days was a day on the Parthenos one of Lundy's best cliffs. The main crag is about 50m tall and the top section is very overhanging. Barni started off the day by leading the stunning and very photogenic Mal du Mer E4 6a.

Barni on Mal du Mer E4 6a

Next I climbed Cithaeron E4 6a; it was an amazing experience, a long (almost 50m) pitch which was fully involved and hard at the grade. The climbing was fantastic with many powerful moves on steep ground with often good handholds and poor footholds. The gear was good but spaced and fiddly.

Me placing gear just before the first crux on Cithaeron E4 6a

Last but definitely not least Luke climbed Zobra the Greek E5 6b. It was a bit of a one move wonder with bold climbing at the top. But that one move was amazing.

Luke 'move' on Zobra the Greek E5 6b

Here are a few more of the best photos I took on the trip. Sorry there are so many, I couldn't choose! :

A storm brewing over Lundy

Walking to the lighthouse wine-in-hand or hand-in-hand!

Little green dude
Luke attempting Watching the Ocean E6/7 

Soaked to the skin after topping out on the Diamond, efforts rewarded with a full length rainbow
Thanks to Karen, Liam, Luke and Barni for making it such a great trip. 

Brocken Spectra

Yesterday Amy and I climbed Gambit Climb (S) on Clogwyn Y Ddysgl. While I wasn't overly impressed with the climbing (for a route that is described as one of North Wales best 'easy' routes) the view from the top was well worth it.

We toped out at about half 7pm to a gorgeous atmospheric sun/mist combo.

I hadn't been up high on the mountains for quite some time, I felt very lucky to live in such a beautiful area.
Deer shape out of natural litchen in Cwm Glas

View down ridge towards Llanberis 

Brocken Spectra

Promo shot of the open-source energy monitor I've have been developing with my friend Trystan Lea at Laser cutting is pretty cool!