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South Country Van Tour

My birthday falls in the month of May, for the past six years this has meant having an exam on or within a day or two of my birthday. This has meant my last few birthdays have been spent revising. Rubbish! Since I finally finished education last year this was not the case this year!

Instead of sitting in the library I went on a mini south country van tour. I wanted to explore some of the great crags down south and also catch up with friends. Trip turned out as follows: Avon George > Ansteys Cove > Sennen > Bosigran > Pembroke.

The highlight of the first part of the trip for me was climbing the fantastic Empire of the Sun at Ansteys Cove on my birthday, followed by the hottest pizza I have ever eaten. Thank you to Trystan and my lovely girlfriend Amy for making the day so amazing.

The main reason for the trek down to Cornwall was to go out for a sail in Trystan's dad's boat before he sold it. Unfortunately the wind was blowing a gale so we didn't manage to get ou…