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BMC international meet

There has been a bit of a gap since my last blog posting, the reason for that has been good weather! For almost a month the weather has been amazing. This has meant I'v been keeping busy climbing and also working. I'v recently got a three month placement as a technical project development officer for a local sustainability group called EcoBro.

Unfortunately the good weather came to an end just before the BMC international meet. I was one of the UK hosts for the week. My job as a host was to show off what north wales has to offer, I felt very lucky to be chosen for the job. Most of the overseas guests had heard of the traditional climbing ethic and variety of climbing in the UK and wanted to experience it for themselves. I would like to thank the BMC and in particular Becky McGovern for her great organisation and endless enthusiasm. It was a fantastic experience for both guests and hosts.

For the first couple of days I climbed with a nice guy called Alex from Romania. Even thou…