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Autumn Work and Play...

Iv been neglecting my blogging duties lately, mainly because Iv been pretty busy! This is a bit of a disjointed post, iv tried to sum up a hectic months worth of stuff in a few lines! Right, here goes:

I'm still managing to get out climbing now and again. A couple of weeks ago a had a great couple of days, I managed to onsight Resurrection on the Cromlech and Cream at Tremadog on two consecutive days in warm October sunshine. Those two routes pretty much constituted my summer trad climbing ambitions..I can now happily go into hibernation for the winter!
I have been working on some electronic projects with my friend Trystan Lea. For the past year or so Trystan has been developing an open source energy monitor. The monitor is based around an open source programmable microcontroller called an Arduino . A few months ago I built an energy monitor for my house. I can now view the real-time power consumption of my house on-line! 

 Trystan and I have recently been working on installing the…